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Meet Blanca

For over 20 years Blanca has worked diligently to make Lemon Grove a better place.

She volunteers to improve our community in several aspects of our life; City Infrastructure, Parks, Walkability, Local government, Schools, and Small Businesses.  

Business Background

Blanca owns a small business in the heart of Lemon Grove.  She knows what it is like to meet payroll and appreciates customer service.   Blanca has built businesses from the ground up. She understands the process of having a dream, seeking funding, locating a space, City application process, design, build, inspections, Meeting codes and regulations, and the greatest importance, Good Customer Service.

She encourages other people to own a small businesses in Lemon Grove.  



B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies with focus on Cultural Diversity

M.A. In Early Education with emphasis in Teaching

M.A. In Bilingual/Bicultural Studies

Southwestern College Business Incubation Project in Partnership with Small Business Administration


Blanca  builds relationships that will invest in Lemon Grove!

These are some of the Investments to improve Lemon Grove

  • Lemon Grove Public Library

  • Resident Leadership Academy

  • Healthy Eating Active Living (HEAL) Zone

  • Walking track around Berry Street Park

  • Dental Clinic for families at Elementary School

  • Joint Use Agreement Opening Recreational Space on Saturdays

  • Circuit training equipment at Lemon Grove Park

  • First Lemon Grove Farmers Market

  • 6 to 6 After-school programs at each elementary school

  • Passed a 28 million dollar bond to modernize schools and increase property values

  • Funding for Preschools at each elementary school 

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Blanca helped to get the Lemon Grove Public Library Built

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